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Why homeopathy?!

My experience as a medical doctor in primary health care and in public health gave me the feeling that ‘my picture is not complete’! I had the feeling that it is not enough to know what is the pain of the patient at the moment but also how the current disease had developed, what are patient’s previous ailments, had he experienced stress or traumas during his life. I wanted to understand the patient, as everyone suffers in his own way.
I worried that the drugs which I prescribed only oppressed the symptoms and had many side effects. The multiple and for a long period intake of many drugs lead to allergies and other drugs-induced diseases which also had to be cured. Therefore, the patient appears in a vicious circle and depends on drugs. All that I was looking for I has found in homeopathy – a healing science, which looks at man in a holistic way- on a physical, emotional and mental level. The essence of homeopathy is the individual approach to every patient. The doctor-homeopath chooses the homeopathic drug wich picture is the same as the patient’s symptoms – Similia similibus curentur. Curing with homeopathic medicines we can follow the main principle – Primum non nocere!