I Believe in
I Believe in:

  • I believe in destiny. There are miscellaneous circumstances that do not depend on you, but you are the one to decide how to react and how to cope with. Difficulties can make you desperate but if you overcome them they make you stronger.
  • We can shift on others the responsibility to decide with what to cure us, how we have to behave, what makes us happy. And if we suffer we do not bear the responsibility, we are just victims, they are the guilty ones…..There is destiny but we always have our choice! Take up the responsibility for your life!
  • Be careful on what you talk and what you think. Create the world you would like to live in!
  • There are thousands of people who want to help you, but if you do not ask for help they will not manage to support you.
  •  Accept and love yourself the way you are!
  • Accept and love others the way they are!
  • Whatever you do, make it with love!
  • The most beautiful thing that can happen to you is love. Love gives a meaning to your days.
  • We are a tiny particle in the huge life-puzzle. Our role is precisely determined and we have our task here on earth. Despite the size and importance of our personal role and task, the life-puzzle will not happen without us. Everyone is universally essential